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Vol. 6 No. 1 2014 „Emotions in Marketing“

No Motion without Emotion:
Getting Started with Hard Facts on a Soft Topic

Andrea Gröppel-Klein

pp. 8-15

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Stressed Out:
How Stress Develops and How to Cope with It

Marcello Mortillaro and Klaus R. Scherer


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Feels Right … Go Ahead?
When to Trust Your Feelings in Judgments and Decisions

Michel Tuan Pham

pp. 22-27

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do:
The Ups and Downs of Divorcing Brands

Susan Fournier

pp. 28-33

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There’s No Passion; I Need Passion:
Why Some Brands Excite Consumers So Much

Andrea Hemetsberger

pp. 34-39

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Do Pleasant Emotional Ads
Make Consumers Like Your Brand More?

Maggie Geuens, Patrick De Pelsmacker and Michel T. Pham

pp. 40 - 45

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Writ Large on Your Face:
Observing Emotions Using Automatic Facial Analysis

Anja Dieckmann and Matthias Unfried

pp. 53-58

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